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Student Loan Repayment Help

Don’t let your student loan problems get out of control.  Attorney Triggs offers student loan legal help with these options:

Reduce your monthly payments.

Unable to afford your monthly student loan payments? Attorney Triggs provides student loan repayment help. Payments can often be lowered based on your current income and family situation.

Don’t know where to start when trying to reduce student loan debt? First action to get student loan assistance is completing a written application requesting an alternative repayment program. In addition, you will have to provide evidence of  your current income. Alternatively, you can simply request a standard extended repayment plan to lower your monthly payments. However, the alternative repayment program is almost always better.

Loan forgiveness.

Can you ever have your student loans forgiven so that you don’t owe them anymore?  Surprisingly, the answer is yes, and I will show you how to get student loan debt forgiveness with my student loan legal help.

Some federal student loans can be forgiven after 10 years, some after 20 years, and others after 25 years. That’s a long time, but if you have high student loan debt and only moderate income, then you should take action now. This often involves changing your loan repayment plan.

Furthermore, people who work for the government, 501(c)(3) nonprofits, or certain other public service organizations are the big winners here—their federal student loans can be forgiven in as little as 10 years. Also, federal student loans can also be immediately forgiven due to permanent and total disability, or if you received a disability discharge from the military (and a VA determination that you are unemployable). For more on loan forgiveness, see questions here.

Federal loan consolidation.

You can consolidate multiple federal student loans into one new student loan. That results in one student loan monthly payment instead of many, and this one payment may be lower than the total you are currently paying. Most of all, if one or more of your current student loans is in default, consolidating student loans will take care of the defaults and start you fresh with a new payment schedule. Get more student loan repayment help by reading our Student Loan FAQs.

Defer payments.

Are you unemployed and need student loan help?  Incidentally, you may be entitled to skip payments for the period you are unemployed.  Are you in the military?  You can defer your student loan payments while on active duty, plus 6 months.  Receiving public assistance?  You too may be eligible to defer your payments.  Same for Peace Corps service. However, you must make a written application for these deferments, and a deferment is not always the best choice when looking hepl with student loans.


Poor health? Personal problems? Need student loan repayment help? You may want a forbearance, which is an extension of time for making payments or an acceptance of smaller payments for a limited period of time. Moreover, most forbearances can be arranged verbally with the student loan people.

Recover from default.

Is your federal student loan in default—or rapidly headed there?  (Default for federal loans comes when you are nine or more months behind on your loan payments.)  Once your student loan is in default, you can be hit with a wage garnishment from the student loan people. They don’t have to take you to court first, and they can take 15% or more of your disposable income from every paycheck.

Other consequences of default: they can take your tax refunds, take part of your Social Security payments, and report you as bad credit to the credit bureaus. However, your can often get out of default quickly through loan consolidation. Or, if you have a garnishment on your wages due to student loans, you can rehabilitate the student loan that is in default and eventually stop that wage garnishment.

Parent PLUS loans.

What about those federal student loans you took out for your child’s college education? The good news is that you, the parent, also are entitled to most of the student loan assistance options listed above!


The information above applies to federal student loans. Private student loans have fewer safeguards and options.  This information is necessarily general, and the application may vary depending on your individual circumstances.  You may have options in addition to those listed above. For more student loan repayment help please read the blog.