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Doug Triggs - Colorado Student Loan Attorney

Doug Triggs

Colorado Student Loan Attorney

Doug Triggs has been an attorney in Colorado since 1977. Originally practicing in the areas of bankruptcy and divorce, Doug now specializes in student loan repayment problems. He is a member of the Colorado Bar Association, and both the Boulder and the El Paso County Bar Associations.

Doug has a B.A. from Augustana College, an M.A. from the University of Michigan, and a law degree from the University of Denver.  He practiced in Colorado Springs for 25 years before moving to Boulder with his family; his wife, two sons, and a daughter.

Doug Triggs - Colorado Student Loan AttorneyAttorney Triggs knows first-hand the incredible costs for schooling these days.  One of his sons has already graduated from college, his other son is a junior in college, and his daughter will be starting college in just two more short years. Douglas Triggs understands how necessary student loans are.

“I’m originally from the flat plains of South Dakota. What a revelation when I first saw the Rocky Mountains! As the bumper stickers say, I came to Colorado as soon as I could. I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, ice climbing, and snowboarding.”

Doug Triggs, Colorado Student Loan Attorney

Doug Triggs - Colorado Student Loan AttorneyFor expert insight on student loan debt problems in Colorado, read Doug’s blog for the latest local news and tips and help with student loans. Or learn more about federal student loans, private student loans and more in the Student Loan FAQs. Both are great student loan debt resources that can assist you on the path to debt relief.

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