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studentloanthinkerAre you in need of student loan forgiveness?

Falling behind in your student loan payments?

Collection agencies calling?

Looking for student loan legal help?

You are not alone. And I can help—matter of fact, student loan assistance is all I do. I’ve put two kids through college (with another about to start), so I know that student loans are necessary. But they can be difficult to pay after you finish school. The good news: you have student loan forgiveness options and I can help you with those options. If you are struggling under suffocating student loans, I am your resource for student loan student loan assistance and your help center- I want to help make your life better with my student loan help.

Here’s how. First, you contact my office by phone or by using the “Get Started” form on the right. If you use the “Get Started” form, then my assistant will call you. Second, we send a short questionnaire for you to fill out. And finally, we schedule an appointment for you to review your student loan problems and navigate your options to get help with student loan repayment. You can do this initial appointment with me in person at my Boulder office, by phone, or by Skype. In person is always better, but I understand it’s not possible for everybody.

So start now. Look through this website—there’s good information here. Take the Quick Quiz. Give my office a call or fill out the “Get Started” information.  Fill out the questionnaire we send you. Once I have your completed questionnaire, we can do the initial appointment to analyze your situation. You will meet with me, and as always, I promise to give you solid and straightforward answers to your questions then.

Douglas Triggs, Attorney at Law



If you are behind on your loan payments…
I can help consolidate federal student loans to get you caught up and give you a fresh start.

If you are barely making your monthly loan payments…
I can usually lower the monthly payments on your federal student loans–sometimes as low as zero–so you can survive.

If you have overwhelming student loans…
I may be able to make your federal student loans disappear more quickly if you do public service work.

If you’re permanently disabled…
I can help you discharge your federal loans immediately if you qualify.

If you have a wage garnishment due to federal student loans…
I can make the wage garnishment stop, but not immediately.

If they are taking your federal tax refunds…
I can help you plan ahead so you don’t lose more tax refunds.

If your defaulted student loans are giving you bad credit…
I can help rehabilitate your federal student loans for better credit, stop wage garnishments, and get you out of default.

If you have a private student loan that is in default…
I can assist you in negotiating with the lender or collection agency to attempt to resolve the matter.

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